29 July 2016

7/29/2016-Warmup400M row3 slow rounds15 russian KBS 53/355 strict Pullups-Mobility1 min lats1 min hamstrings-Conditioning"Diane"21-15-9Deadlifts 225/155 185/115 135/95HSPU or HR push-upsCashout:EMOM X 55-10 toes to bar (skill work)

28 July 2016

7/28/2016-Warmup3 slow rounds60' high knees60' butt kicks60' toe touches20 arm circles-Mobility2-3 mins foam rolling1 min hamstrings1 min lats1 min couch stretch (quads)1 min butterfly (groin)-Conditioning3 rounds1 min double unders2 mins rowing1 min...

27 July 2016

7/27/2016-Warmup400M row2 slow rounds10 high hang power snatches10 power snatch balance10 OHS10 full snatches1 round with PVC, 1 round with empty barbell-Mobility1 min banded shoulders1 min pigeon-StrengthEMOM X 81 snatch grip deadlift + 1 Hang squat snatch + 1 Snatch...

26 July 2016

7/26/2016-Warmup400M row3 slow rounds10 push-ups10 band pull a parts-Mobility1 min chest1 min hamstrings-StrengthEOMOM x103 bench press @85%-Conditioning21-15-9Hang power cleans 115/85 95/65Burpees200M run after each round

25 July 2016

7/25/2016-Warmup400M jog3 slow rounds10 empty bar thrusters10 box jumps-Mobility1 min lizard1 min benched shoulders-StrengthEvery 3 mins for 15 mins3 back squats @85%*Last set max reps-Conditioning10 Min AMRAP10 push press 115/8520 Alt. Lunges30 double unders