17August2015 – Monday

A. Warm-up – 3 RDS
12 Stepup w/ Dumbbells
12 Hip Extensions
12 Sec Handstand Hold
Group Stretch

B. Strength – Deadlift:
Rest exactly 2 Mins between each set of DL.

C. WOD – 8 Min AMRAP
200 M Run

D. Mobility Work
DO NOT SKIP THIS!  Deadlifts are very taxing and you need to cool down
properly by stretching after the workout.

18August2015 – Tuesday

A. Warm-up – 2 RDS
30 Jumping Jacks
15 Thrusters w/bar
5 Inchworms + 2 Pushups
Group Stretch

B. Strength – Strict Press
5X5 @70%

C. WOD – 3 RFT
500 M Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps

D. Extra – 4X ME
Unbroken Muscle Ups

19August2015 – Wednesday

A. Warm-up –
2)Group Stretch
3) Burgener Warmup

B. Strength – 8 Min EMOM
1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

C. WOD – 3 RFT
40 DU (15 Attempts or 80 Singles)
20 TTB
10 C&J (135,95)

D. 3X400 M Run
Rest 2 Mins between runs

20August2015 – Thursday

A. Warm-up

B. Strength – Flower
Goblet Squats (53,35)

C. WOD – 15 Min of Mobility Work as a Group
2).  If you’ve missed a workout:
Cal Row
Ring Dips

21August2015 – Friday

A. Warm-up
500 M Row
3 RDS:
10 KB Clean and Press
15 Goblet Squats

B. “Bear Complex”
Perform the following sequence, 7 times without dropping the bar
Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press (bar must land in back rack position),
back squat, push press (bar must land in front rack position).
Once you’ve completed the sequence 7 times that equals one round and
you may drop the bar and add weight, perform the sequence again. Repeat
this process until you’ve completed 5 rounds. There is no time limit. There is no
time limit between rounds.  There will be a 5 burpee penalty for every time you
drop the bar before a round is completed.